Business Accommodation (BA) Services are building blocks of Group Tours and Private Tours. Guides can use BA Services to create dynamic Group Tours for travelers to book on their own. Travelers can select BA Services to use in combination with S/K and OVN Services from a single guide’s available service options to collaborate in crafting a Private Tour catered to their unique needs and interests.

A: Section 1

1.1 – 1.7

1. Business Details: Provide the general details about your business.

1.1, 1.2 & 1.3: Business Name, Email, & Website: Provide the name, email address, and website link for your business.

1.4: Business Description: Write a statement-length description of your business.

1.4.a Designs by Didiksha: 1.4.1: bridal boutique, 1.4.3: traditional wedding sarees

1.4b City Cycle: 1.4.1: bicycle rental shop 1.4.2: Jaipur’s Pink City

1.4c Tamil Tummy: 1.4.2: Kanchipuram, 1.4.3: Tamil Nadu cuisine 

B: Sections 2 – 3

2.1 – 3.2

2. Pricing & Availability: Provide the pricing information and availability status for your BA Service.

2.3: Select yes if your BA Service is currently available for booking as part of a Group/Private Tour, and no if this BA Service is not currently available for booking as part of a Group/Private Tour.

3. Photo Upload: Provide photos of your business.

3.1: Your Featured Image will appear in search results and be displayed most prominently on the corresponding BA Service page.

3.2: Additional images will appear after travelers have navigated to your BA Service page.