Skill/Knowledge Share Service Guide Manual

S/K Services are the building blocks of Group Tours and Private Tours. Guides can use S/K Services to create dynamic Group Tours for travelers to book on their own. Travelers can select various S/K Services from a single guide’s available service options to collaborate in crafting a Private Tour catered to their unique needs and interests.

A: Section 1


1. SERVICE DETAILS: Elaborate on your S/K Service with corresponding details. 

1.1: Title: In a few words describe what travelers will learn or learn to do.

1.1a Explore the Shiva Temples of Kanchipuram: 1.1.1: (the traveler experience): [to] Explore, 1.1.2: (the knowledge area): Shiva Temples, 1.1.3: (the location): Kanchipuram.

1.1b Make Me Style Savvy on Mumbai’s Fashion Street: 1.1.1: (the traveler experience): [learn to be] (Style Savvy)1.1.2: (the guide area of expertise): Style, 1.1.3: (the landmark): Mumbai’s Fashion Street

1.1c Bharatanatyam Dance for Beginners: 1.1.1: (the traveler action): [to learn to] Dance, 1.1.2: (the genre), Bharatanatyam, 1.1.3: (the traveler experience level): for Beginners.

B: Section 1 (cont.)


1.2: GUIDE QUALIFICATIONS: Create a bulleted list of related background information/experience that qualifies you to provide your S/K Service.

1.2a – 1.2.1 professional experience:15 years experience as a temple restoration expert.

1.2b.1 – 1.2.2 certification/education: Textile design student at the Indian Fashion Academy

1.2b.2 – 1.2.3 honors/achievements: 30,000+ IG following @MumbaiModern_Fashionista

1.2c – 1.2.1 honors/achievements: Bharatanatyam Dance Finalist, Thyagaraja Festival, 2017

C: Section 1 (cont.)


1.3: DESCRIPTION: Expand on your S/K Service by providing a brief description with additional details.

1.3a Scooty-chauffered lecture circuit of Kanchipuram’s famous Shiva Temples: 1.3.1: chauffeur, lecturer, 1.3.6: Scooty1.3.2: Kanchipuram, 1.3.4: Famous Shiva Temples

1.3b Walking fashion consultation in Mumbai’s iconic shopping district: 1.3.6: walking, 1.3.1: fashion consultant, 1.3.2/1.3.4: Mumbai’s iconic shopping district

1.3c Classroom-lead coaching with life-long Bharatanatyam dancer: 1.3.2: Classroom, 1.3.1: leader, 1.3.5: life-long Bharatanatyam dancer

1.4: Search Criteria: Select all categories you feel describe your S/K Service, and/or add custom options for more specific entries.

D: Section 1 (cont.) – 5

1.4 – 2.1-2.5

2. TRAVELER DETAILS: Provide any additional information travelers should know before participating in your S/K Service.

2.1: Proper Attire: If this S/K Service requires specialty attire for the safety/enjoyment of participating travelers select all that apply, and/or add custom options for more specific entries.

2.2: Service Guidelines: Provide any custom details travelers should know before participating in your S/K Service, such as equipment they should bring and precautions they should consider.

2.3: BYO (bring your own): Select any things travelers may need for participation in this S/K Service that are not provided by the guide, and/or create custom options for items not listed.

2.4: Physical Activity Level: Select the level of physical activity travelers can expect while participating in this S/K Service. If you selected “previous experience required” provide details in the associated entry box.

3.1 – 6.2

3. LOCATION INFORMATION: Provide the details about where your S/K Service is available.

3.1: Zip/postal code: Provide the zip/postal code where you offer your S/K Service.

3.2: Nearby city: To improve your search results by helping travelers who are unfamiliar with the area, provide the nearest well-known city.

4. PHOTO UPLOAD: Provide photos related to your S/K Service. (Always ask permission before using photos of travelers taken while participating in your S/K Service.)

4.1 Featured photo: Your featured photo will appear beside your S/K Service title in search results.

4.2 Additional Images: Provide additional images related to your S/K Service.

5. PRICING INFORMATION: Provide the pricing details for your S/K Service.

5.1 Currency symbol: Select the currency symbol for the country where your bank is located.

5.2 Service cost per hour: Provide the hourly rate for which you provide this S/K Service.

6. PRIVATE TOUR OPTIONS: Provide the Private Tour booking/availability information for this S/K Service.

6.1 Booking Options: Select yes if your S/K Service is available for travelers to book as part of a Private Tour. Select no if your S/K Service is exclusively for your use in crafting Group Tours.

6.2 Availability Status: Select active if your S/K Service is currently available for booking on Private Tours, and inactive if it is not currently available for booking on Private Tours.